Pillar Candles

Before I started making candles, I was decorating them. I learned how to use a heat-transfer technique to decorate regular pillar candles. If you would like to learn more about this, you can ready my blog post “Tissue Paper Candles.”

I tried a variety of different sizes, but found that my favorite size was 3 inches wide by about 8 inches tall. I soon learned that it was becoming harder and harder to find this size. Some of my favorite brands were being discontinued.

I finally found these candles from D’light Online on Amazon. They are white and unscented.

I actually had a Wal-Mart vanilla-scented pillar candle made by Mainstays that I preferred, but they are constantly out of stock.

However, I found that these 3 x 8 inch white, unscented pillar candles are the best deal. They equate to about $5.25 each, which is very reasonable.

This is about the same price I was paying for the Wal-Mart candles I was previously purchasing.

They work great for my tissue paper projects.